Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ultimate edition 2.0 is out...

Hello readers...This is my just a very very short post..more like a news that Ubuntu Ultimate edition 2.0 is out.This version is based on Ubuntu 8.10 aks Intrepid Ibex.Ultimate edition is like a polished Ubuntu with loads of goodies in it.believe me u wont be sad to download it.the url is a note for the gamers:Do check out the Gamers edition,it has many superb games in it.I would be shortly posting a detailed review in it.DO check that out...Thanks for reading...Enjoy...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Review:Ubuntu 8.10(Intrepid Ibex)

I guess everyone is excited to know about the latest Ubuntu.In which way it can be adopted as a primary OS.Out of all Linux distros,i find Ubuntu as the most hassle free.I myself have installed Ubuntu on more than 30-40 machines.Cheers to Ubuntu.Ubuntu has come up with a new release Named "Intrepid Ibex".I installed it on my machine,Configuration:ASUS M3A78 EM,AMD 9950,3 Gb system Ram 800MHZ,inbuilt graphics accelerator:ATI Raedon 3200 HD of 256 MB.

As always Ubuntu started up,I was greeted with a Welcome message and Language selection option.Wonder how they managed the language selection even before the kernel was loaded.

I selected English as the language and hit the Enter button.I was up and running with live cd in less than a minute.Ubuntu now by default had a new theme.A black one with a orange tint.

Next i hit the install button.Very easy as always,i proceed with the installation.

Now moving on with the features of the latest Ubuntu:


After several improvements Linux kernel 2.6.27 was ready onboard.It has several new features far more better than its previous versions.
1)Better Wifi Support:
Several changes have been made to support wi-fi in the latest kernel.The main out of them are easy connectivity and less power consumption.

2)Digital Cameras:
Many digital cameras are being added to the linux kernel for ease.

3)Graphics card support:
Proprietary drivers are easily available in Ubuntu via Hardware drivers.
Note:These drivers are developed byt the respective companies,and source code is not available.So Ubuntu developers cannot make any changes in it.

Gnome 2.24:
As you know nautilus is the default file manager in GNOME.Its very stable & user friendly.
Now with new Gnome 2.24 in ubuntu 8.10 u have tab for diffent folders like in web browsers.
Easy to use.
Sorry i am not on Ubuntu..SO cant paste this screenshot.But similar to Mozilla Firefox we can use tabbed browsing.

2)File Roller:
Archive manager now supports TAR.7Z,ALZ,CAB,RZip file types.

A guest account is the one who can just use the desktop and some non-previleged applications.this is enabled in Ubuntu.

4)USB DRIVE Ubuntu Installation:

Burning iso file to CD or DVD takes time.Now, a application in Ubuntu ,allows users to write Ubuntu to a USB drive, even a modified version of Ubuntu with their data on it can be used, so it can be taken wherever you go to plug in and use on any computer.

5)Suspend and Hibernate:
Feels sad to say but Suspend is still buggy in Ubuntu 8.10.I needed to change the module loading pattern and then it was alright.It was difficult at the start but easy later.Ubuntu developers need to fix this issue as soon as possible.

6)X.Org 7.4:
The latest stable version of X.ORG is now available.It have much greater support and compatability for devices like keyboard,mouse,touchpad.The new failsafe X is introduced which helps recovering from failures in a better way.It although sometimes has compaitability issues with old machines.

7)Network manager 0.7:
Main features are Using multiple devices at once,System wide settings management of 3G connections, GSM&CDMA,Configuring of PPP and PPPOE connections,Configuring of devices with static IP.

So finally whats new in Ubuntu:
Compared to the previous versions,this release is far more stable and now Linux has reached a stage where it can even replace desktops.From this version,one can say that we dont need to hit the terminal at all.Everything is well managed.

Also the less boot time is very important.

The dark cloud:
The main problem is Suspend and hibernate.Nothing else.

What should u guys do now:
Its not that difficult just hit the Upgrade button on top of the update manger.Beleive me there are no troubles.I helped my friend upgrading his System from Ubuntu 7.10 to 8.10.But the wonderful part is that i did nothing,i just hit Upgrade button.

So dont worry just install it and play with it.